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Just add black suede oxfords.

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A raw shantung rep tie, expertly paired with The Armoury’s Ring Jacket offerings. This is a beautiful combo for business types in the summer, with the interplay between the watermelon colors (in the tie) and the pocket square evoking all sorts of summer filled joy. 

Styling by the incredible Michael Hill of - you guessed it - Drake’s of London. A year or so ago I swore I’d endeavor to buy only Drake’s after I graduated from university, and with every added image of beautifully dimpled generously proportioned Drake’s neckwear that little promise is renewed in the back of my mind. 


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'By Invitation Only'

While April is customarily far from what we think of as the traditional black tie season, there’s nonetheless much to celebrate. Mad Men - the television phenomenon that revolutionized cable dramas - is back for one final season and Eidos Napoli has just begun dropping at select retailers throughout the US. So without further ado, here’s some black tie porn for y’all that should tide you over until later in the year when tuxedos are more firmly in the front of our minds.

  • Eidos Napoli blackwatch dinner jacket - the ‘Tipo’ DB embodies the Eidos ethos to design. Beautiful, well made and eye catching in an elegant and muted sort of way it sums up why tredicielupo is designing some of the best tailored clothing today.

  • Hackett tuxedo trousers - made in wool and mohair, these trousers provide a nice textural contrast to the Eidos dinner jacket. Also, they’re made beltless and with side tabs which is - in my opinion - the ideal way to wear tuxedo trou.

  • Kamakura ‘300 Club’ spread collar- still a relatively well kept secret, Kamakura have upped the ante with their premiere shirt offerings. Made with 4 ply Xinjiang cotton in a lightweight regular fit construction, this goes well with bow and neck ties.

  • Charvet ribbed bow tie - buy self tie, period.

  • Matteo velvet slippers - Charles Phillip has been making his patented slippers in Shanghai for nearly half a decade and they’re a favorite of mine. Much less expensive than Stubbs & Wooton they nonetheless have loads of character and are reinforced for additional comfort.


The Men’s Ex Color Spectrum (darkest > lightest)

On a related note, I’d want trousers with a slightly wider leg opening but the taper from the ankle downward is spot on.

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"Florals for spring? Groundbreaking" 

On a serious note, I always find that the best way to utilize florals is by wearing them with a tiny bit of restraint. Unless you’re the eccentric, Triumph restoring son of some old money newspaper tycoon. 

(Source: Men’s Ex)


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Product In Review: Chester Mox iPad mini case


I think its fair to say that a large number of people (that is increasing all the time) own some form of tablet device. A miniaturized computer made to make your life easier, one of the tablet’s many great virtues is its aesthetic appeal. They’re usually slim, small and lightweight making them a valuable addition to any person’s day-to-day luggage. While you could carry such a functional device in a canvas or leave it naked at the bottom of your bag, as with most other things we #menswear geeks enjoy sprucing it up a little. Hardly an essential by any definition, this beautiful iPad case is the culmination of two month’s dialogue between me and LA leather-maker Chester Mox, suffice to say it met my expectations and then some. 


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Beams x GQ Japan

As part of their spring outerwear editorial, Japanese GQ enlisted the expertise of 7 different retailers and had them put together their ideal outfit for spring.

Beams’ take on spring layering involves some staple Neapolitan names as interpreted with the Japanese flair for strong colour deployment. 

Oh also, there are no words to describe how giddy that Eidos coat makes me feel. It has one of the best washes I’ve seen on a piece of seasonal clothing in a long time. 

(Source: GQ Japan)



Cade and Co in Liverano.

Antonio, Taka, & Qemal are in town the 2nd - 5th taking orders for bespoke commissions.  nyc@thearmoury.com for appointments.

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Mr Jake Grantham - of The OG Armoury - wearing the hell out of a Liverano 3 piece. Note the beautiful shoulder and elongation on the waistcoat placket. This is tailored clothing that takes on a completely new life when tethered to the physicality of its wearer. 

Also, Jake is a bona fide boss, no surprises there. 


Our Legacy linen pullover crewneck 

To me it seems there is a twofold dimension to Our Legacy’s continued success. As with many other Scandinavian labels, the Swedish heritage-sports/streetwear hybrid (its seriously difficult to box them into a particular aesthetic beyond ‘cool’) nails two aspects to designing. Their thoughtful use of interesting often deadstock fabrics; and their mastery over a slim but nonetheless straight fit. 

This crewneck sweater - complete with kangaroo pockets and elastic drawstring hem - is made up in typical Our Legacy colors. Versatile and inoffensive, its stone gray details make it suited to forming both the focal point or foundation of one’s outfit. The slubby Italian linen which the brand have employed in the manufacture of the garment also make it perfect for more humid (but nonetheless chilly) locales, meaning that this is another of those rare gems that allow me the illusion of winter dressing without the weight. 

Don’t you dare sell out.

Available at Unionmade

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BnTailor belted trench coat

A trenchcoat should always possess some degree of formlessness. Save for the 2 very prominent front darts through the waist, BnTailor’s version is perfectly formless. The waist can be belted to provide the illusion of cinching, but underdone the garment is just as breathtaking, it has a peculiar shifting about it. 

This does not mean that it it lacks definition, rather it cloaks and softens the silhouette of the wearer. It evokes impressions of what lies beneath rather than announcing itself as simply the outermost layer. There is almost a casualness to it that redefines the tailored clothing underneath, exaggerating every little movement of the wearer’s body. 

A beautiful and generous coat that turns the notion of ‘slim’ or ‘fashionable’ fit on its head. 

(Source: B&TAILOR


A message from Anonymous
Hi there. Correct me if I'm wrong but, did you post about leather iphone wallets recently? If not, any suggestions as to where I can find a quality leather iphone wallet? Thank you, kind sir!

I did indeed post about leather goods recently so you’re not entirely wrong on that score. But still, since we’re here I’m happy to name a few more: 

  • UNIONMADE stock some incredible pieces from Floridan artisan MAKR, in fact its worth noting that their iPhone 5 case - made up in beautiful hand painted hand sewn chromexcel - is made to double as a small wallet. 
  • Chester Mox (another USA maker) have sadly removed phone cases from their ready made selection, however they are - thankfully - still doing commissions. I’m personally very happy with the way my gear turned out and the price-point was more than reasonable. 
  • At the lower end of the $$$ spectrum, Apolis make a great iPhone case/wallet hybrid. The top-latch and branding details make it reminiscent of WANT Les Essentials, but at a more friendly price. Sadly, they’ve sold out of tan so if you swing that way be sure to check back regularly on the e-shop. 

Hope these suggestions were a little helpful, though I can see how frustrating they might be if you don’t own an iPhone. 


Every day I have the blues…

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