If Project Aegis fills the gap in Shanghai’s local art-menswear circle then Coterie can be said to do the same for the city’s burgeoning eyewear market. Having supplied magazines including the Shanghai Tatler and City Weekend with gear for their respective shoots, Coterie is something of a favourite with local fashionistas, stylists and eyewear gurus. 

Located on the same street as Aegis and S2VS, Coterie provides a similarly friendly and intimate experience that is (quite frankly) absent from a city which boasts over 30 million people. Upon entry one will notice a distinct absence of flashy ad campaigns, branded posters and eyewear with enough bling to last Mr T a lifetime. Instead almost all of the eyewear selected by Coterie’s buyers is discreetly labelled, elegantly understated and displayed as a harmonious part of the store’s overarching environment. 

Despite the absence of flash, you can be assured that knock off’s and low quality are non-issues within Coterie. With a selection of eyewear from Thom Browne, Persol, Cutler & Gross and even a collaboration with Dita Eyewear it is immediately apparent that customers are paying for a timeless and elegant product that complements their other sartorial choices.

The staff at Coterie are more than happy to provide you with sizing assistance and will often provide customers with useful means of matching their face with the best shape of sun/eye glass. Great attention to detail is given to the little things, and Coterie’s staff work hard to ensure that when you make a purchase you do so with the utmost confidence that it is immaculately suited to your unique lifestyle. 


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