browne. (by Jaybe Lee)

Continuing proof that Lookbook is actually inhabited by men who infuse energy into a classic sense of dress this sort of look that first came to Styleternity's attention with Thomas Finney is going from strength to strength. Note the wonderful use of colour layering, the differing textures of the small check (jacket and trousers) mixed with the charcoal of the waistcoat work wonderfully.

This is then paired off with a contrasting and burnished brogue (sockless in the tradition of Thom Browne) and a pocket square. Also notice how the hem of the trouser reaches just above the shoe-top and the off-kilter roll of the tie (perfect in its imperfection). 

That’s not to say that this look is ‘conventional’ by any means: with a chunk beanie and tortoiseshell eye-wear its a hint of rebel with a generous helping of stylish Americana. The only thing I could fault in this ensemble is the briefcase (in this context it seems forced).