OUR PICK OF THE WEEK- Flying Tigers Utility Patch Shirt 

Sooo…Four Pins straight up pulled a pre-emptive strike and derailed my slothful ass by writing about this exact shirt TWO WEEKS AGO. That’s some ninja shit right there: if this particular ninja was incredibly early and I, the watchful Ashigaru waited fourteen days to detect his all black err’thang ensemble. 

So you know what? I’m going to surprise everyone by NOT ADAPTING TO CHANGING CIRCUMSTANCES: all of the nine people reading this will be extra off-guard because I’m gonna write about something that’s two weeks internet old. Nonetheless, Ovadia & Sons continue their menswear Illuminati domination with this 100% awesome overshirt that ticks all the markers for a pick of the week.

Camo? Collar pin? Epaulets? Made in the USA? Seriously guys, now you’re just showing off: taking a cheat sheet of features that make menswear nerds break out in sweat and run home to masturbate amid piles of Derek Rose cashmere. 

But really I’m so serious, this utility shirt from the Brothers Ovadia pays tribute to the Flying Tigers: a bunch of non-dick Americans who helped China in WWII when Japan invaded by shooting down their dick planes for us. DID YOU GET THAT!? THIS SHIRT MAKES YOU A HISTORIC AMERICAN HERO WHO HELPS OTHER PEOPLE AND SPREADS FREEDOM AROUND (in a non threatening way). 

The attention to detail on this shirt is substantial, from the authentic Flying Tiger patch insignia to the removable enamel collar pin- next level blazer lapel manoeuvre whaddup-this shirt is so versatile that you can wear it as an outer layer or an inner layer. Who knows? Maybe you even wear it round in the summer with teardrop aviators yelling excerpts from Apocalypse Now; Charlie sure as fuck don’t surf brother. 

Available from Ovadia & Sons 



There’s this wrongful perception that cargo pants or military style utility trousers are unflattering. Widely considered to be the domain of Birkenstock flaunting, North Face lugging American outdoor junkies, the cargo pant is actually a highly versatile and visceral alternative to both chinos OR denim.

This version for Gant (by buyer turned designer Michael Bastian) makes our list for a number of reasons. Between the working suspender waistband and the hand stitched detail on the seat, this is a well cut and flattering pair of cargoes in a brave color you’ve never seen before. Block this with a more muted grey or cornflour blue shirt and low-tops for the fittingly off-duty American heritage look. Or go sans sock in the summer time with red wingtips and a plaid elbow patch blazer for that consummate ivy style. Not a fan of turquoise? Why not go stonewashed on the world for a more muted but no less attractive alternative!

Available now from Park & Bond