OUR PICK OF THE WEEK- GANT by Michael Bastian Down Vest

Before y’all go lamenting how every #mahnswear jerk-off on Tumblr seems to be covering the Park & Bond 30% off sale, I suggest you check your shit and straight face realities, B. We are LAZAY: so fucking slothful that we be adding syllables to this joint. 

A 30 % off site wide sale? At Park & Bond? How couldn’t you cover that shit? That’s like menswear crack cocaine! Don’t get me wrong, the sort of people who can afford two thousand dollar topcoats don’t actually want to save their blood money but use sales to aid in the delusion that they are forward thinking, well informed fashion insiders (that are incidentally better than everyone else). Oh are you still with me on this tangent? Right…well, here’s our pick of the week.

Before anyone mercs on my Gant love just remember: I’m trying to save you those pennies WHILE delivering the goods, shit is tough sir. This GANT by Michael ‘I Am Americana’ Basty down vest may not be on par with say this alternative, but despite its polyester/wool blend made-in-Chinaland status is an effective layer for both spring and winter. In a washed out red and navy colour combination this will team as appropriately with your pensioner swag sweater as it does a navy jacket or long sleeve polo. 

Have I mentioned they’ve taken $127 off the original price and that it currently is available in all sizes (S-XL)? Seriously how often do bloggers actually link you to shit that isn’t in the most ridiculous leftover sizes: like 26.3 and a 1/7? What is this, down quilting for my balls? 

Available from Park & Bond


Silent Assassin

  • Isaia ‘Aquaspider’ wool two button suit - this contemporary and luxurious take on the innocuous black suit is sure to help any self respecting professional assassin stay undetected. However its understated luxury (100 % water proofed wool and fully lined construction) speak volumes about the wealth and power of its wearer. 
  • Burberry touch screen leather gloves - a deadly hitman requires speed and stealth, to this end a dashing pair of leather gloves is in order. This particular version by Burberry comes with small ridges in the fingertips allowing for the use of phones, screens and other technology while on the job: all without removing any handwear whatsoever. 
  • Isaia Five-Fold tie - this wool and cashmere blended tie is an elegant and yet subtle accessory, a far cry from the tacky and oil-slick shiny ties of the uninitiated  A perfect complement to a perfect assassin. 
  • John Lobb Becketts Oxfords - from one of the greatest English shoemakers in contemporary times, this pair of sleek and highly polished black Oxfords are the perfect footwear of a stealthy killer. With Goodyear welting and a stacked rubber sole they’ll make any getaway that little bit easier. 
  • Turnbull & Asser slim fit cotton shirt - one of Her Majesty’s finest shirtmakers, Turnbull & Asser have been producing fitted breathable and elegant shirts for decades. Even the world’s greatest assassin is entitled to the world’s most comfortable shirt. A gift from Diana perhaps?


OUR PICK OF THE WEEK- Suitsupply x Park & Bond double breasted suit

Already a well documented part of the European suiting scene, Suitsupply recently laid its assault bare on the North Atlantic, with stores in NYC, Chicago and one slated in D.C later this year. Working from a principal of affordability, high quality and individuality, its no wonder that the Amsterdam based company has captured the eye of menswear blogger heavyweights, GQ and yes, even Park & Bond.

Its fitting then that our pick of the week is this EXCLUSIVE collaboration between Park & Bond and Suitsupply: the ultimate double breasted suit under $600. Made with Super 130 wool and genuine horn buttons, this DB suit has all the hallmark details of a Suitsupply product (like features beyond the price point) while benefiting from a design direction from Park & Bond. The fully lined jacket is accompanied by hem cuffed trousers in a handsome drape (complete with partial knee lining), and can be worn in numerous ways that boost the versatility of what at first seems a basic suit.

Available now at Park & Bond

For Styleternity’s full review of Suitsupply, click through here


Isaac Hindin Miller and Tom Bull for Park & Bond

SOURCE: Park & Bond 

Actor and all-round gent Kyle MacLachlan for Park & Bond’s ‘Most Stylish Dads in NYC’ photo-op 

[SOURCE: Park & Bond]


Having recently gleaned much inspiration from Thom Browne and Gant Rugger for all the shades of grey its only fitting that Styleternity’s pick of the week is this wonderfully constructed soft shouldered sports-coat. 

Constructed in the fashion typical of Neapolitan tailoring this is a simple and beautiful jacket with all the trimmings of its $1077 USD price point. It includes jetted interior pockets, detachable Isaia coral lapel, working kissing buttons and is made with mother of pearl button closures. In the lightest shade of gray this jacket would work equally well with a charcoal or navy tie, and its relaxed construction means you can take it on the road with a polo and chinos if you wish to dress down for a casual occasion. 

Available now from Park & Bond