A message from the-naut
Hi, I linked you to a site that sold vegetarian/vegan formal shoes recently but on checking them again I'm thinking they're a little too pricey. I've found another site which is significantly cheaper (I've sent a link in fanmail as I'm not allowed to post them here). What pairs would you suggest from here?

WESTMINSTER BROGUE IN BLACK           I was initially pretty sceptical as to the idea of a ‘vegan’ shoe, after all leather chealsea boots, leather sheaths and leather jerkins have been around for centuries; which says something about leather’s workability and classicism. But the stock on the site you suggested isn’t too bad (you have a range of footwear options for different scenarios) anyhow your dedication to sustainable and ethically positive footwear is admirable so I’ll do my best to help you make an informed choice.

The Westminster brogue in black is an excellent find, English made with a Goodyear welted sole (a selling point for any truly durable shoe) these wing tipped closed shoes are the perfect compliment to a large range of scenarios and outfits. The handsome stitching makes these brogues a focal point in your outfit or as a sharp addition to any formal ensemble. The reinforcement on the sole and the upper also speaks volumes about the shoe’s quality (these have to be punched in by hand), and at 74 pounds I’d say that’s a bargain: hope that helps!